Top of the Rock

Perched high above the bustling streets of New York City is the Top of the Rock! This destination offers one of the most breathtaking views of the iconic city skyline. Located at the peak of the historic Rockefeller Center, the Top of the Rock provides a unique vantage point that captures the essence of the city in a way few other spots can.

Journey to the Top of the Rock

The journey to the Top of the Rock begins with an ascent in a glass-ceiling elevator, providing a mesmerizing preview of the heights to come. As you rise 70 floors above the ground, the city begins to unfold below in an awe-inspiring panorama.
Upon reaching the observation deck, you’re greeted with a 360-degree unobstructed view that stretches for miles in every direction. The deck is also a marvel of design, showcasing three levels of viewing space that ensure a clear, picture-perfect perspective of the city.

I Spy a Landmark

From this elevated perch, you can spot some of New York’s most famous landmarks. To the north, Central Park as a patch of green in the city’s urban jungle can be seen. Looking south, the Empire State Building stands tall. Its art deco spire is a testament to the city’s architectural heritage and New York’s quintessential landmark.

Beyond, the One World Trade Center dominates the skyline, symbolizing resilience and rebirth. The panoramic view also includes the Hudson and East Rivers, and the majestic bridges that connect the boroughs beyond.

Bird’s Eye Viewing the Empire State Building

Unlike other observation decks in the city, Top of the Rock offers a unique perspective on the Empire State Building itself, allowing for photos and views that include this iconic structure. The outdoor terraces, protected by transparent glass barriers, give a sense of openness and freedom, allowing you to feel the city’s energy from a bird’s eye view.

Interactive History Lessons

The observation deck is designed to provide an engaging experience, with exhibits detailing the rich history of Rockefeller Center and the story of its construction during the Great Depression.

Golden Hour Views

Daytime visits provide clear, far-reaching views, while sunset brings a magical hue to the cityscape, and nightfall showcases New York in all its illuminated glory.

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