The Folk Art Center

For a piece of Appalachian culture and heritage, come to the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC. This center is a treasure trove of heritage, craft, and culture. This center is not just an ordinary gallery or museum; it’s a beautiful testament to Southern Appalachia’s rich artistic legacy. Art lovers and curious people alike will love exploring this center.

Appalachian Culture and Art

The Folk Art Center is the gem of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, representing over 800 craftspeople from the mountain regions. Come and immerse yourself in the tapestry of Appalachian life and history and see how the blending of European, African, and Native American traditions created these unique and diverse forms of art.

The center spans three galleries and displays an extensive collection of traditional and contemporary crafts such as hand-woven textiles, intricately carved woodwork, delicate pottery, and dazzling jewelry. These exhibits reflect the true diversity of mountain handiwork.

The Folk Art Center’s location on the Blue Ridge Parkway, dubbed “America’s Favorite Drive,” offers you a real treat. After indulging in artistic exploration indoors, step outside to see panoramic views of the mountains, take a walk on a nature trail, or enjoy a picnic in picturesque surroundings.

Interactive Education Expeditions at The Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC

What makes the Folk Art Center so special is its interactive experience. Throughout the year, artisans take residence at the center and demonstrate their skills live. Watch as potters mold their clay, quilters stitch together their patches, or smiths forge their metal. You’ll observe and gain insights into the creative process, as raw materials transform into amazing pieces of art. Lectures, workshops, and presentations are held at the center’s library and auditorium regularly. These sessions offer deep dives into the history, techniques, and evolution of Appalachian crafts.

Bring Home a Piece of History

Take home a slice of Appalachian artistry from the Allanstand Craft Shop inside the center. It’s recognized as the oldest craft shop in America! Here, every item tells a story and reflects the hands, heart, and soul of its creator. The shop offers an array of artisan-made goods such as jewelry, pottery, glass and more.  Throughout the year, the center hosts various events, from craft fairs to folk music concerts! Check the website to see if your visit will coincide with any of these awesome events.

Come see artistry and craftmanship combine at the Folk Art Center. Mighty Tree Properties would be happy to host you in any of our amazing Asheville vacation rentals. Contact us today for more information!