The Smoky Mountain Trout House

Get a taste of mountain cuisine at The Smoky Mountain Trout House! Located in Gatlinburg and established in 1975, this restaurant has built a reputation for serving the freshest, most delectable trout dishes this side of the Smoky Mountains! Add The Smoky Mountain Trout House to your must-eat itinerary. offers a dining experience that combines the charm of the Smokies with unparalleled culinary craftsmanship.

Traditional Menu Options

You can taste how committed the Trout House is to serving up quality dishes made with fresh ingredients – the start of the show being trout sourced from the clear, cold waters of the nearby Smoky Mountains. Have your trout prepared how you like it! The menu options showcase the versatility of this fish, featuring an array of preparations from grilled and pan-fried to almondine and parmigiana. Each dish is cooked to perfection, allowing the trout’s natural flavors to shine through.

Dine in Comfort

Eating at the Smoky Mountain Trout House is like sitting in a warm, cozy lodge where you feel right at home. The restaurant’s interior, its wood-paneled walls and rustic decor, displays the authentic spirit of the Smokies. The attentive and friendly staff treat you like family, adding to the welcoming ambiance.

Treat Yourself

In addition to its famous trout dishes, the Smoky Mountain Trout House offers you a curated selection of wines and local beers, accentuating the flavors of your meal. Indulge in homemade desserts, the perfect sweet ending to your hearty mountain meal.

Planning Your Visit

The Smoky Mountain Trout House is open daily for dinner, offering both dine-in and takeout options. Reservations are not accepted, so try your best to get there ahead of the crowds. Come experience delicious seafood in the heart of the Smoky Mountains at the Smoky Mountain Trout House!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a family meal, or simply seeking a delicious dinner after a day of exploring the Smokies, the Trout House promises a dining experience that captures the essence of Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains.

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