Central Park

Central Park is a green oasis nestled in the heart of New York City and spans 843 acres! This iconic park is the perfect escape inside a bustling metropolis full of rich history, art, and endless exploration opportunities.

A Modern Masterpiece

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in the 19th century, the park is a masterpiece of landscape architecture, blending pastoral landscapes with formal elements. As you amble along, you’ll notice how each pathway, bridge, and bench tells a story.

Central Park is Stunning in Every Season

This canvas of natural beauty changes with the seasons. In spring, the cherry blossoms and magnolias bloom, painting the park in soft pinks and whites. Summer brings lush greenery and vibrant flower beds, along with picnickers enjoying the sun on the Great Lawn or the Sheep Meadow. In fall, the foliage transforms into a spectacular display of rust, ochres, and yellows, perfect for leaf-peeping. Winter covers the park in a serene blanket of snow, with the iconic ice-skating rinks coming alive.

Sights to See

The Central Park Zoo, a compact yet diverse collection of wildlife, is perfect for families. The historic Carousel, enchanting Conservatory Garden, and the Central Park Conservatory Water, better known as the model boat pond, are just a few of the attractions that make the park a dynamic place.

For art enthusiasts, Central Park is a treasure trove. The park is dotted with numerous sculptures and monuments, including the famous Alice in Wonderland statue and the majestic Bethesda Terrace with its Angel of the Waters statue. The open-air Delacorte Theater hosts the annual Shakespeare in the Park series, bringing free performances to the public.

With miles of running and biking paths, ballfields, and facilities for sports like tennis and rowing, the park caters to all kinds of physical activities. The Reservoir running track is particularly popular for its views and flat terrain.

Moments of Solitude

The most enchanting aspect of Central Park is its ability to have moments of solitude and tranquility amidst the city’s frenzy. Find a quiet spot by the Bow Bridge, wander through the Ramble, or simply sit on a bench for a people-watching pastime. The park offers a rare luxury in New York City: a moment to pause and reflect.

Stay Near Central Park

A visit to New York is incomplete without experiencing the dynamic tranquility of Central Park. On your next visit to New York, book a stay nearby Central Park with Mighty Tree Properties!