Sight & Sound Theatres

Sight and Sound Theatres in Branson is known for its lavish productions that bring biblical stories to life on stage. The performances here are done in such a way as to inspire deep reflection and spiritual connection through music and dancing. See what you can expect when you visit!

Extravagant Productions and State-of-the-Art Technology

Each production at Sight & Sound Theatres is a masterpiece of artistry, combining original music, elaborate costumes, and an extensive cast in performances that tell stories from the Bible with epic scale and depth.

The theaters themselves are designed to maximize the immersive experience, featuring 300-foot wraparound stages where audiences can feel enveloped in the story. Advanced technology, including sets that rise from the floor and extensive use of computer graphics, enhance the storytelling and create awe-inspiring visual spectacles.

Popular Shows and Timeless Stories

Some of the most popular shows include “Jesus,” “Noah,” “Jonah,” and “Moses,” each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and sticking to the scriptures. These timeless stories educate and inspire, making them suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Visitor Experience and Amenities

Sight & Sound Theatres are designed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors. The theaters boast over 2,000 seats, with excellent visibility and acoustics from every angle. Additionally, the venues offer special accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Visit the gift shops to purchase souvenirs related to the show you’ve seen, including music CDs, DVDs, apparel, and inspirational items. Dining options are available on-site, providing snacks and meals.

Sight and Sound Theatres in Branson Hours and Pricing

Multiple performances are put on weekly, with specific schedules varying depending on the season and show. Matinee and evening performances are also available.

Ticket prices vary depending on the seat location and the age of the attendee, with adult tickets generally ranging from $59 to $79, and discounts available for children and seniors. Group rates are also available for parties of 15 or more, and these can include behind-the-scenes tours and other perks!

Plan Your Visit

Tickets can be purchased via the Sight & Sound Theatres website, where visitors can also view show schedules, seating charts, and other visitor information to plan their visit.

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