Asheville Sightseeing

Come see the sights in Asheville! Asheville is home to some amazing things to see including historic architecture, beautiful art, and of course nature! There’s so much to see and so little time, so make your time count with some good sightseeing in Asheville, NC!

Historical Landmarks and Architecture

A key highlight of Asheville sightseeing is the city’s rich architectural heritage! Asheville is home to the historic Biltmore Estate. This is America’s largest privately-owned home and it’s a marvel of the Gilded Age and truly a sight to behold. You’ll marvel at its opulent design and historical significance. Take a guided tour to observe and learn more about Downtown Asheville’s collection of Art Deco, Beaux-Arts, and Neoclassical buildings.

Arts, Culture, and Vibrant Streetscapes

Asheville’s thriving arts scene is evident in its numerous galleries, studios, and live performance venues. The River Arts District features an array of artists’ studios that will give you a glimpse into the city’s creative heart. Meanwhile, Pack Square and the Grove Arcade are perfect for enjoying the vibrant street life and shopping for local crafts and goods.

Natural Wonders and Scenic Views

The city’s proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains gives you great opportunities for scenic drives and outdoor fun. The Blue Ridge Parkway, known as America’s favorite drive, offers breathtaking views and access to hiking trails. Nearby, the Pisgah National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offer a natural retreat with waterfalls, trails, and wildlife.

Botanical Gardens and Outdoor Explorations

Asheville’s botanical gardens, such as the North Carolina Arboretum, showcase the city’s native plant life and offers a peaceful escape amidst beautiful landscapes. These gardens are great for walking, picnics and photography.

Culinary and Craft Beer Tours

A sightseeing trip to Asheville is incomplete without indulging in the local culinary scene. The city’s food tours provide a taste of Asheville’s diverse culinary offerings, from farm-to-table restaurants to unique eateries.

Family-Friendly Attractions

If visiting with your family, Asheville offers a range of attractions suitable for guests young and old. The Asheville Museum of Science and the Western North Carolina Nature Center provide educational and fun experiences for children, while the Asheville Pinball Museum has history and games all can enjoy!

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