There are always so many details you have to plan when booking a vacation getaway. The destination is always most important; you want to make sure you find somewhere you actually want to spend time! What can be equally important as the destination, however, is booking lodging that will keep you comfortable. No matter where you go, you can always find a hotel room waiting, but what you find inside that hotel room may not be desirable. Many hotel rooms offer minimal space that can barely be described as comfortable. Instead of being stuck inside another hotel room, book one of our spacious vacation rentals. With room for your whole traveling party and extra amenities to keep you comfortable, you’re sure to enjoy your trip even more! Read on below to see all the ways our rental options at Mighty Tree Properties are better than hotel rooms.

The living room inside an Asheville vacation rental


More Space for Everyone

As mentioned, hotel rooms typically do not offer all the space you could want or need. You will find that most rooms come with a bedroom, and maybe if you are lucky, a lounge area. Whenever you book one of our vacation rentals, you will never be short on space. Each of our vacation rentals is a privately owned home. The properties in our selection include condominium rentals, where you can stay close to the city. Like most condos, these properties include plenty of space inside and out. That includes spacious living areas such as living rooms and kitchens. Our property listings also include single family homes and spacious properties which are perfect for family gatherings.

Each property comes with basic living areas. The living rooms typically feature plush sofas and loveseats to ensure everyone has a spot during your down time. Flat screen TVs offer a chance to catch your favorite show or movie by logging into your steaming services during your stay. You may even find living rooms with fireplaces to help keep you warm. These will not be bland rooms with no sense of style, but instead rooms in unique homes that feature inviting décor and ambience. The same goes for the kitchens, where you can enjoy countertop space, cabinets stocked full of essential cookware, and full-size appliances. Basically, you have everything at your fingertips you need to prepare a meal, outside of the ingredients themselves. Once everything is prepared, you will find a dining space in your vacation rental for everyone to sit down together. Now that is something no hotel room can do!

An Asheville vacation rental bedroom

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Making sure everyone has a good night of sleep is essential to an incredible vacation getaway. You do not want anyone waking up complaining that their back hurts from an old hotel room mattress. Instead, our properties feature actual bedrooms complete with a comfortable bed, dressers, and closets. You will have plenty of space to unpack your clothing and prevent any wrinkling from occurring. The beds come fitted with fine linens that will help you stay asleep all night long. When you look at a specific listing, you will notice the bedrooms typically feature a king- or queen-size bed in each room. Our properties also offer rooms perfect for children with full-size bunk beds, letting them have their own space instead of sharing a bed.

Getting to the bathroom has never been easier, as master bedrooms typically feature an en suite bathroom. You will find dual vanities, soaking tubs, walk-in showers, and more. Essential toiletries are always provided with the rental. Other bathrooms in the home can feature shower/tub combos and everything else you need to help you prepare or unwind from the day. Always take a look at the listing to see how many bedrooms and bathrooms your chosen property has!

Additional Features

Of course, having access to a living room, kitchen, and bedroom is not the most exciting thing in the world. However, you will find our vacation rentals still typically provide so much more. That includes access to fun areas included in our larger properties. Take a step outside to find spacious backyard areas where the kids can run around. Cook something up on the grill and enjoy your meal al fresco on the patio. Lounge areas are perfect to lay out and grab some sun. Some of our more luxurious properties even include exciting rooms inside the house such as game rooms or theater rooms. You will find it hard to leave your vacation rental when so much fun can be found under a single roof!

Living area in an Asheville vacation rental


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There is no other way to say it: Our vacation rentals will always beat a hotel room. Come enjoy some space and luxury when you book one of our privately owned homes with Mighty Tree Properties.