They say you have not truly lived until you have had a chance to visit the Big Apple for yourself. Seeing New York City for the first time is a mesmerizing experience that should be experienced by all. Regardless if you have visited before or not the summer season is a great time to make your trip. The warmer weather lets you enjoy outdoor activities and explore the city without the winter cold. One great reason to visit in the summer is the unique New York City events that take place across the many different boroughs. You will find something for everyone in your group when you get to explore all of these exciting happenings. Take a look at the top June events taking place in New York City this year:


The Governor’s Ball Music Festival

Take a look around this year and you will see that music festivals are popping up all over the place. Many different cities and communities are jumping on the festival bandwagon getting big name artists to headline lively events. Regardless of all the imitators out there the festival that continues to stand above the rest here in New York City is the Governor’s Ball Music Festival. This music festival has been around for years and has been one of the most popular festivals in the state. The Governor’s Ball kicks off the month of June taking place June 7th through the 9th for a full three days of incredible music. The Governor’s Ball features an eclectic line up of top name artists from a variety of genres including hip hop, EDM, alternative rock, pop, and much more. This year’s line up stands out among other festivals with artists that are sure to get the people excited. Friday night kicks off the fun with artists including Post Malone, Rauw Alejandro, Dominic Fike, Goth Babe, and many more. The fun continues into Saturday where The Killers, 21 Savage, Sabrina Carpenter, Carly Rae Jepsen, and more take the stage. The festival closes the festivities on Sunday where Sza and Peso Pluma headline a full days’ worth of aristis. The Governor’s Ball takes place Flushing Meadows Corona Park right here in the city making it easy to get to. Tickets are currently selling fast and are sure to sell out before the event starts! You can purchase limited 3 day, 2 day, or single day tickets; 3 day VIP tickets are also available so make sure to grab these exclusive ticket options before they sell out!

Experience a festival in NYC

Tribeca Film Festival

If you are a film or cinema buff you will want to participate in the annual Tribeca Film Festival that takes place right here in New York City. The Tribeca Film Festival is an immersive experience that explored innovation across a variety of media including film, TV, games, audio storytelling, and much more. The festival is 2 weeks worth of exclusive screenings and premiers for upcoming films and TV shows. Attendees are able to purchase festival passes that can get them into all of the exclusive events of the festival; you are bound to run into a celebrity or two when you experience the festival in this luxury setting. Attendees can also get into screenings and matinee showings on an individual basis as well. This year’s Tribeca Film Festival will feature the De Niro Con, an exclusive tribute to New York’s own Robert De Niro and his 80 years in the film industry. Experience set recreations along with screenings, reunions, and costume exhibits from his movies. The Tribeca Film Festival is sure to be a hit for any movie lover in your group. Come experience it for yourself from June 5th through the 16th.

Pride March

Come celebrate and support the LBGTQ community by participating in this year’s Pride March taking place at the end of June.  This year’s event will be focusing on “Strength in Solidarity” to bring together all parts of New York City and celebrate the joy and resilience of the community. The New York City Pride March takes place on June 30th and begins at the intersection of 25th Street and 5th Avenue. The march will continue on passing both the Stonewall National Monument and New York City AIDS Memorial, both historical and critical monuments to the LBGTQ community. Come participate in the march that focuses on the positive qualities of the community and share a love for all. Don’t miss out on this year’s New York City Pride March!


New York City Events Do Better

It is no secret that New York City is a separate world all of its own. Come experience it for yourself by reserving one of our vacation rentals right here in the area. You can be close to these June events while having access to the finest amenities. Reach out today to book your stay!

Everything seems to be going up in price lately, making traveling a lot harder to do for most families. Don’t miss out on a wonderful vacation getaway this summer season. When it comes to vacation without breaking the bank there are several places you can choose from. We offer vacation rentals in some of the top travel destinations including the Smoky Mountains, Asheville, and even New York City. You may be wondering if it is possible to experience these incredible vacation spots on a budget and we are very happy to say yes you can! Take a look at how you vacation in these areas without breaking the bank:


A Smoky Mountain rental that is budget-friendly

Budget Friendly in the Smoky Mountains

For those looking for an outdoor adventure, you cannot go wrong with a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. This local national park is the biggest draw near our vacation rentals here in Gatlinburg. As with any national park there is a fee to enter the park, but the pass can be used for several days. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park features several areas you will want to explore. The park is home to trails such as Rainbow Falls and Grotto Falls. The trails leading to these falls include wonderful sights of the area and you can even walk behind the waterfalls too! If you want views of the falls from your car, simply enjoy a ride on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail that is a 6-mile stretch of highway. Clingmans Dome is another area that you are sure to want to explore. It is the highest point in the state of Tennessee and will have you climbing up over 6,600 feet. You will find a steep, paved path that will take you up to the observation tower. Additional trails around the area include the Appalachian Trail. Make sure to bring a jacket even in the summer as the temperature at that elevation is sure to be cool!

Reserve your budget-friendly Asheville rental

Budget Friendly in Asheville

Asheville is another great outdoor location that is perfect for those who want to explore the area. Asheville is also close by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where you too can enjoy its many hiking trails and views. However, a few things that make Asheville stand apart from the park include the Botanical Gardens. This urban sanctuary is located 5 minutes north of the city and is a beautiful garden filled with amazing plant life. Asheville is nestled along the Blue Ridge Mountains that deserve their own praise. Take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway where you can enjoy stunning views and overlooks of the mountain range. There are also plenty of side trails accessible from the side of the road too. Head over to Mt. Mitchell State Park to reach the highest point on the Eastern seaboard. This peak is located on the Black Mountain range and is 35 miles northeast of Asheville. Visitors can always drive up to the summit and avoid the steep trek. The observation deck is a great place to enjoy views of the summit along with enjoying the museum on the property.

Book your budget-friendly New York City rental

Budget Friendly in New York City

If there is one city visitors do not expect to be budget friendly is New York City. However, there are plenty of ways to save on the cost of your trip. Explore all that New York City has to offer in the different boroughs. The High Line is a gorgeous city park that located on top of a shuttered railroad train track. This 1.45-mile park is elevated above the city and is always free to visit. You will find some incredible views up here along with a gorgeous stretch of scenery. If you wish to see a little more of the rich history of New York City head on over to the Grand Central Terminal. This expansive train terminal has a rich history with the city and is your one stop place to shop and eat until your heart is content. This iconic building simply cannot be passed up on. Another incredible building that is perfect for history buffs is the New York Public Library. Specifically, the Stephen A. Schwarzman building in Midtown is a work of art. You will find nine different divisions inside the library and is four stories tall. The library is always free to the public to use and is a great way to have an educational experience here in the city.


More Fun at These Vacation Destinations

There is no shortage of fun in the Great Smoky Mountains, Asheville, and New York City, even when on a budget. Contact us and choose our vacation rentals to make the best experience possible for you and your family in these three areas.

Welcome to the heart of New York City’s vibrant energy, where luxury meets comfort at Essex House, your ultimate vacation haven. Nestled amidst the iconic skyline, this extraordinary New York vacation rental promises an unforgettable urban escape. Get ready to discover a harmonious blend of modern elegance and timeless charm on your vacation in New York, where every corner exudes the city’s charisma. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast craving Broadway shows, a foodie eager to explore diverse culinary delights, or a traveler yearning to soak in Central Park’s beauty, Essex House situates you at the crossroads of excitement and relaxation.

Impressive Interior Features and Amenities

Located within the heart of urban sophistication, Essex House offers a world of opulence and comfort that goes beyond the ordinary. Step inside this remarkable abode and experience a realm of interior features and amenities that redefine luxury living.

As you enter, a grand foyer welcomes you, adorned with exquisite details that set the tone for what lies ahead. Immerse yourself in the warmth of the spacious living areas, bathed in natural light that filters through the large windows, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape.

Every corner of Essex House exudes elegance, boasting high-end finishes and meticulous craftsmanship. Gleaming hardwood floors guide you through the room, while designer light fixtures add a touch of glamour to the ambiance. The small gourmet kitchen stands as a testament to culinary perfection, equipped with top-of-the-line appliances that cater to your gastronomic desires.

For those seeking relaxation, the king-sized bed promises unmatched comfort. You can sink into the plush embrace of luxury in your private sanctuary, complete with an ensuite bathroom that features a vanity. Drawers facing the bed, provide ample space for your wardrobe, while intelligent storage solutions keep clutter at bay.

You can also indulge in leisure activities within the comforts of Essex House. A dedicated theater invites you to enjoy cinematic experiences without stepping out. Stay fit and rejuvenated at the state-of-the-art fitness center and spa, ensuring your wellness remains a priority.

Essex House recognizes the importance of a seamless lifestyle, offering smart home automation that puts control at your fingertips. You can adjust lighting, temperature, and security with a simple touch, effortlessly curating your environment to match your preferences.

Remarkable Exterior Features and Amenities

Nestled in the heart of scenic landscapes and surrounded by nature’s splendor, Essex House stands as a testament to exquisite exterior design and an array of unmatched amenities. As you approach this architectural marvel, a sense of grandeur and sophistication engulfs you, setting the stage for a lifestyle like no other.

The exterior of Essex House is a symphony of modern aesthetics and timeless charm. The meticulously crafted façade combines sleek lines with tasteful details, creating a visual masterpiece that complements its natural surroundings. Greeted by lush gardens and perfectly manicured lawns, residents are welcomed into a world of tranquility from the moment they step foot on the property.

Fitness enthusiasts will find their paradise in the meticulously maintained workout center, inviting exercise sessions. Nature lovers can explore the extensive network of hiking trails that wind through Central Park, immersing themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Socializing takes on new dimensions at Essex House, with meticulously designed outdoor lounges providing the perfect backdrop for gatherings. Imagine sipping on your favorite beverage as the sun sets, casting warm hues across the sky, and creating an ambiance that’s nothing short of enchanting.

Experience the Vibrancy of the Big Apple

Welcome to the city that never sleeps, where every corner unveils a new adventure waiting to be discovered. New York City, a melting pot of cultures, is not just a destination, it’s an unparalleled experience that promises memories of a lifetime.

Get ready to gaze in awe at the iconic skyline as you stand in the heart of Times Square, surrounded by dazzling billboards and the buzz of excitement. You can also take a stroll through Central Park, an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban chaos, where you can row on the serene lake or enjoy a picnic under the shade of centuries-old trees.

If you’re an art enthusiast, prepare to be captivated by the world-renowned museums. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s vast collection to the thought-provoking exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art, you’ll find yourself immersed in a sea of creativity that knows no bounds.

Given that the Fifth Avenue beckons with its luxury boutiques and SoHo offers a chic mix of upscale shops and trendy galleries, shopaholics can look forward to an amazing experience. And of course, a visit to the city wouldn’t be complete without an exhilarating Broadway show. Get ready to feel the adrenaline as the curtains rise and world-class performances unfold before your eyes.

Book Your Vacation in New York

In the vibrant tapestry of destinations, New York City stands tall as a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the city offers an exhilarating blend of culture, cuisine, and creativity. Amidst this urban wonderland, Essex House beckons as your quintessential haven. You can elevate your NYC escapade by contacting us to book your stay today and unlock the unforgettable at Essex House.

What better time to plan a trip than in the fall? With the air getting crisp and the leaves beginning to change color, there is so much to do and see. From the breathtaking vacation in the Smoky Mountains to the charming town of Asheville and the lively city of New York, there is no shortage of places to visit and have a good time. Whether you’re a nature fanatic, a foodie, or a culture buff, these destinations offer something for everyone. So sit back, and let’s dive into the inviting world of fall vacations.

Experience the Beauty of Smoky Mountains in the Fall

A vacation in the Smoky Mountains is a beautiful decision as the summer heat withers away. After all, this lovely place comes alive with vibrant colors that paint the landscape in warm red, orange, and yellow hues. The crisp autumn air carries the sweet scent of fallen leaves and the sound of rustling foliage underfoot. It’s truly a magical time to be in the mountains.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can enjoy the cooler weather by exploring the many hiking trails that wind through the peaks. From leisurely hikes to challenging climbs, there’s something for every level of adventurer. But suppose you prefer a more laid-back activity. In that case, you can relish the picturesque drives that offer spectacular panoramas of the fall foliage from the comfort of your car. You can also go horse riding and fully immerse yourself in this haven’s natural beauty.

Explore the Vibrant City of Asheville

With fall fast approaching, you may wonder where to head and have a good time. If that’s the case, the alluring Asheville is your answer. It is a vibrant city in the Blue Ridge Mountains and boasts a booming arts scene. Thus, you can expect to see various galleries and museums displaying the works of local artists. It is also home to stunning natural beauty and delicious culinary offerings. With that, you can find something that will fit your preference. And with everything excellent this spot offers, what better time to visit and explore than in the fall? With the weather being pleasant, you can pass the time touring the city’s many breweries, which offer a variety of craft beers.

In addition, you can take advantage of the city’s many fall festivals and events, including the Brewgrass Festival, the LEAF Festival, and the Asheville Food and Wine Festival.

Discover the Magic of New York City in the Fall

New York City is one of the top-rated locations to be in the fall. And for good reasons. As the leaves become kaleidoscopic, this haven comes alive with energy and excitement. One of the highlights of visiting New York City during this loved season is experiencing the gorgeous fall foliage in Central Park. The park’s vibrant colors and serene aura make it a must-see this time of year.

Additionally, the city offers a variety of seasonal events, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. These events showcase the city’s unique culture and bring people together from all over the world. And in addition to outdoor activities, this slice of heaven boasts a rich cultural scene. From Broadway shows to world-class museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is a lot begging exploration.

Fall Vacation Tips

When planning a fall vacation in the Smoky Mountains, Asheville, or New York City, it’s essential to consider the timing of your trip. Generally, fall foliage’s peak season is from mid-September to mid-November. With that in mind, planning well is vital if you want to see the leaves at their most vibrant.

As for packing, be sure to bring layers. Fall weather can be unpredictable. You may find that the mornings and evenings are chilly while the afternoons are warmer. So, get a mix of sweaters, jackets, and lighter clothing that you can layer as needed. Remember to pack comfortable shoes for all the walking you’ll do while exploring these awe-inspiring destinations.

Book Your Fall Vacation Today

In conclusion, whether you’re seeking eye-catching mountain views, fascinating small towns, or the excitement of a big city, the Smoky Mountains, Asheville, and New York City are all incredible destinations to visit during the fall season. With mild temperatures, appealing foliage, and a wide range of activities and events, it’s the perfect time to plan your next vacation. And when it comes to matters of accommodation, we’ve got you covered. At Mighty Tree Properties, we have abodes in these incredible destinations you can call home during your visit. In addition to being located near all the attractions you are eager to explore, many are outfitted with the amenities you need for a unique trip. With fall around the corner, why wait? Visit our websites to see what we have to offer, or give us a call to book your rental. With us, you can look forward to a trip worth recalling for years.

The Fourth of July ranks as one of America’s most significant holidays. The tradition of celebrating Independence Day dates back to the 18th century, following the passing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Today, most folks celebrate the Fourth by gathering with family, enjoying a sumptuous home barbecue, watching a baseball game, or attending an Independence Day parade. You and yours can enjoy this landmark holiday this year by taking a relaxing, fun-filled Smoky Mountains, New York City and Asheville 4th of July vacation. Here are several locations worth visiting.

Sedona, Arizona

The lovely city of Sedona sits in the middle of the picturesque Arizona landscape and offers several thrilling activities. If you want an epic outdoor experience, Sedona offers over 80 hiking trails, with some of the most renowned ones being Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte Loop, and Oak Creek. You can also explore the area on several biking trails, including Broken Arrow Trail, Little Horse, or Huckaby Trail. If you prefer touring the terrain on four wheels, Sedona features private Jeep and Hummer tours that are ideal for the whole gang. The Grand Canyon National Park sits almost two hours from Sedona and features excellent views of the Grand Canyon. Sedona’s food scene is as vibrant as its outdoors and offers several world-class restaurants such as Golden Goose American Grill, Cafe Jose Restaurant, and Casa Sedona Restaurant.

Asheville for the 4th of July

Asheville is a North Carolina holiday gem and sits along The Old North State’s Blue Ridge Mountains. This scenic location receives over 10 million visitors yearly thanks to an expansive variety of great attractions. For starters, you can check out the North Carolina Arboretum, which features several hundred acres of deciduous forest and ten miles of hiking and biking trails. If you want epic views of the area’s native wild elk, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park features a thriving population of these majestic animals. The French Broad River offers kayaking, canoe trips, stand-up paddleboarding, and tube rentals for the ultimate aquatic adventure. Asheville also offers several waterfalls you can enjoy on a relaxing drive, including Soco Falls, Looking Glass Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Toxaway Falls, Dry Falls, and Glassmine Falls. The Asheville food scene features several renowned eateries, such as Cúrate and Chai Pani serving delightful Spanish and Indian menus, respectively.

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee-North Carolina

Smoky Mountains is a famous vacation spot offering tons of plant and animal life and an unrivaled aesthetic appeal of the surrounding ancient mountains. Spring and summer feature a colorful explosion of wildflowers, with species such as trout lilies, trillium, wild geranium, and orchids on display. Smoky Mountains also offers several historic park roads, including the 11-mile loop through Cades Cove, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Roaring Forks Motor Nature Trail, perfect for a relaxing afternoon drive. If you’re looking for breathtaking views atop Tennessee’s highest point, Clingsman Dome is the ideal go-to. The dome stands at an incredible 6,643 feet, offering remarkable views of the surrounding landscape. Paddle Fontana Lake is an excellent spot for water activities, including canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and fishing. You can rent a boat in Nantahala Outdoor Center or Fontana Village and take a day trip as you explore 240 miles of the lake’s shoreline. If you want to grab a bite, some of the Smoky Mountains most famous restaurants include Haywood Smokehouse, Frogs Leap Public House, and Clyde’s Restaurant.

New York City, New York

At nearly 400 years old, New York City is a financial, commercial, and cultural hub offering many iconic attractions. The National September 11 Memorial and Museum is a must-see in New York City and serves as a tribute to the almost 3,000 victims of the 2001 tragedy. The museum spans 110,000 square feet and relays plenty of information on the attack. A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the famous Empire State Building. This Manhattan beauty offers breathtaking views of the city’s highlights and is a perfect place for family time. If you want a better vantage point, the One World Observatory offers panoramic views from the 100th, 101st, and 102nd floors. Other New York City attractions include the Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bryant Park, and the Statue of Liberty.

Book Your Independence Day Rental Today

The Fourth of July will always hold a special place on the US calendar as it celebrates the birth of American independence. This Fourth, why not skip the usual family dinner and head out with your loved ones for a thrilling getaway? At Mighty Tree Properties, we offer quality rentals in Sedona, Asheville, the Smoky Mountains, New York City, California, and Missouri for your Independence Day vacation. Our rentals feature comfortable and spacious interiors with ample amenities to ensure a stress-free stay for you and your family. Contact us today to book your preferred Independence Day rental.