Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains

Come to Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a serene and rewarding fishing trip! Anglers from all over flock to its pristine streams and rivers to cast a line and hope to reel in a winner. Known for its wild trout waters, the park offers over 2,900 miles of streams that are home to rainbow, brook, and brown trout. This park is one of the last habitats in the Eastern United States where you can find wild trout. Because of this, the park is committed to preserving these natural resources ensuring that fishing in the Smoky Mountains remains a sustainable activity for future generations.

Diverse Waters

Fishing comes in many forms here, with remote, backcountry streams for those seeking solitude and adventure to easily accessible rivers near the park entrances. Popular fishing spots like Abrams Creek, Little River, and Cataloochee Creek offer excellent opportunities for catching trout surrounded by beautiful views. Each stream and river has its unique character, and with the changing seasons, the fishing experience evolves, offering something new with each visit.

Regulations and Conservation

The park operates under a catch-and-release policy for brook trout to protect this native species, while regulations for rainbow and brown trout are designed to ensure healthy populations. Anglers aged 16 and older must have a valid Tennessee or North Carolina fishing license, and the park enforces specific regulations regarding bait, tackle, and daily possession limits to maintain the ecosystem’s balance. These measures show how dedicated the park is to the conservation of these unique fish and helping everyone to enjoy fishing responsibly.

Best Times to Fish

While fishing is allowed year-round in the park, the best times to cast a line are during the spring and fall when water temperatures are optimal for trout activity. Spring brings hatches of aquatic insects, providing excellent fly fishing opportunities, while fall’s cooler temperatures stimulate trout to feed more aggressively in preparation for winter.

Planning Your Fishing Trip

Stop by the park’s visitor centers for the latest information on stream conditions and fishing regulations. You can also purchase the licenses you need to be out on the water. Be mindful that heavy rains can impact water clarity and accessibility, so check the weather before you go.

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